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Essenza di Bellezza in Olbia is the salon that you can turn to with ease and confidence, secure in the knowledge that you can entrust us with looking after your body.


Taking care of yourself means "loving yourself". It's not just about vanity but rather the desire to enhance one's own body. This is why we recommend taking holistic action via the daily use of excellent products that include our nutritional range and also specific treatments to improve the appearance of the face, body and hair.

The cosmetic products used by Essenza di Bellezza are chosen and selected from respected products with high nutritional values: rich in vegetable ingredients that provide lasting benefits, which you can see and feel over time.


The strengths of the centre are our massages and permanent hair removal. We offer massages for every need, perfect for regenerating body and mind by stimulating the lymphatic system:

  • peruvian massage;
  • ayurvedic massage;
  • connective tissue massage;
  • lymphatic drainage massage;
  • hot stone massage.


Our skin is our "largest" organ and it is also the organ most vulnerable to attack from environmental factors such as weather and pollution, which in recent years have caused a surge in skin diseases. In our beauty salon, we take care of the skin of the face and body through specific traditional or innovative treatments such as facials, face and body peels, treatments with paraffin and hydrotherapy.


For the care of traditional skin imperfections such as cellulite, we operate with treatments and massages that are targeted at preventing and treating problems through programmed sessions that combine the use of cutting-edge products and a personalised diet.


Makeup is important for a woman: it helps to hide any imperfections and to enhance facial features. Isabella Azzena and her staff offer a make up day/evening, this effective service is designed for all women and takes into account face shape and colouring. Furthermore, it is also available to a lady for her most important day, her wedding day. This service offers makeup designed specially for the bride: luminous, elegant and able to bring out her natural beauty. In this arena, Isabella Azzena is the master, demonstrating all her expertise to satisfy the needs of the bride and her family.


  • well-being machine (Proellixe);
  • hands and feet;
  • depilation;
  • aesthetic and curative pedicures.
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