Ayurvedic Massage: A massage with an analgesic effect that renews vitality, even to the more mature physique. It removes energy blockages and promotes the elimination of toxins.

Bio-energetic massage: focuses on points of blocked energy and tension and seeks to release them by means of controlled pressures and the regulation of breathing. It also focuses on areas where energy is lacking in order to restore balance.

Massaggio Linfatico: è indicato per combattere la ritenzione idrica, l’intossicazione. Risulta molto efficace come terapia analgesica e depurativa e non produce arrossamento ma il riassorbimento dei liquidi in eccesso.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage: is recommended to combat water retention and for detoxification. It is very effective as an analgesic and purifying therapy, and does not cause skin redness but aids the re-absorption of excess fluid.

Figure-sculpting Massage: this uses deep manual strokes like beating or drumming on the skin to stimulate the physiological properties of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. It can be performed on all areas of the body that tend to lose elasticity and tone prematurely such as the buttocks, thighs, abdomen and breasts.

Holistic Massage: brings together all the benefits of the various massage techniques because it treats the body in every respect. This treatment involves all aspects of the body both inside and out, from physical aspects to energy whilst taking into account the psychosomatic outlook of the individual.

Reducing Massage: localised on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen, this massage is aimed at reducing body fat and shaping the body.

Relaxing massage: using essential oils, it is used to relax tense muscles that can be numerous: from the head to the neck and from the arms to the back and down to the feet. It calms the mind, it stimulates and reactivates the vital functions of the body, it strengthens the nervous and immune systems, improves circulation and respiration, improves sleep and decreases stress.

Sports massage: is performed on specific body regions using essential oils in order to prepare the muscles for physical activity and to improve athletic performance. The beneficial properties derived from it are many:

-reduction of muscle tension resulting in the inhibition of pain sensations and spasms

-reduction of heart rate and blood pressure

-stimulation of the microcirculatory system

-draining effect

-injury prevention

Bio-energetic massage
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